Proksimax Agric

Proksimax Agric did proper research on livestock farming in South Africa to see where can we infiltrate the market in terms of livestock management with a unique and quality system. With a respectable team of mechanical and computer engineers we designed and developed a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) integrated livestock management system (Livestock Drafter) based on our research that suits the needs of any South African livestock farmer.

Proksimax Agric’s solution offers the farmer an automated system that leaves the farmer with less manual input that will reduce labour costs and enhance efficiency. The livestock data can be management from the centralized web-based visual platform on any device from any location. (The animals, identifiable with RFID technology are weighed and managed using the electronic scale, drafter and integrated management software.)

Using RFID technology, Proksimax’ Livestock Drafter offers 4 main applications

Identification (ID)

Each animal is tagged with a RFID ear tag. When an animal enter the drafter, a RFID scanner scans the ear tag and identifies the unique profile of the animal with all its previous scanned dates and characteristics (weight, sex, vaccination) listed as required by the farmer. The farmer log into his personal web-based platform on any device to view and manage his stock.


Each animal enter the drafter and is automatically weighed by an electronic scale. The weight is shown on the visual platform and logged to the specific animal’s unique profile under the present date. The farmer can easily track the weight increase per day/month by using the animal’s data timeline.

Automated Sorting

Our automated sorting application/platform is quick, precise and easy to use. Before a herd of animals enter the drafter, the farmer choose whether he/she want to sort the animals according to their sex, weight or any other characteristic. Each time an animal enter the drafter the RFID scanner will scan the ear tag, recognize the specific sorting characteristic and send the animal to the left or right side according to the sorting specification.

Data Management

The software integrated with the system offers a centralized platform for easy livestock data management. The farmer log into his/her web-based management system to see all animals’ data timelines. A simple export option allows the farmer to construct a detailed report from the livestock’s data.

The goal was to create a system that is applicable to any South African livestock farmer completely based on animal friendly RFID technology. As Nampo 2018’s slogan stated “effectiveness with technology”, we dedicated our design to develop technology that will effectively improve the time-cost model of livestock farmers, producing more in a shorter time period. We outlined a few important concepts that was the drive behind our system.

Proksimax’ livestock management system is:
• User-friendly
• Manageable from anywhere
• Accurate
• Adaptable ( CONTACT US to find out more )
• Rugged and Tough
• Easy to install
• Automated

Characteristics that can be logged and viewed under each animal’s profile:
• Cattle weight
• Calve ear tag number
• Calve’s mother ear tag number
• Date of data
• Injection dosage
• Other than weight traits

Proksimax Livestock Drafter

Proksimax strives to apply our mission statement to all our products; Automation – Optimization – Flexibility (OAF). The Proksimax sheep drafter is the perfect example.

The Proksimax Automatic Sheep Drafter is a system that optimizes the way farmers handle and monitor their livestock. The sheep drafter automates the counting, weighing and sorting of sheep.

The following features of the Proksimax Automatic Sheep Drafter Revolutionize the drafting process.

• The entry and exit gate of the drafter is controlled by the machine that ensures a one-person drafting process.
• Rugged design and manufacturing ensure a long life of the product.
• Easily Adjustable sides to accommodate drafting of large rams down to small lams.
• Monitor and access drafting database from any smartphone, tablet or pc.
• Alerts can be customized to detect any anomaly picked up.
• All tagged sheep can be identified electronically.
• The system can be customized to the needs of the client.

Proksimax will install the Livestock Drafter on-site and offer proper training to the users. This system can be used at any point during the livestock’s lifecycle. After we designed this system, Proksimax understands the RFID livestock management concept and are able to adapt and install it for any livestock application as required by a farmer.

For more Info on the automatic livestock drafter, please feel free to Contact us.