Proksimax Custom System Design

RFID technology has endless possibilities and opportunities. Together with our ambitious and driven team, we can design, engineer, develop and implement any complex system for any company in any sector. The systems we implement are focused to achieve high-quality outputs with minimum cost and time.

Whether you want a solution to a problem or just want to upgrade your current systems, we will make the project our own. We analyze, design and deliver a solution that will be integrated with your current system.

Automation, optimization, and flexibility are our core values. We use this concept to steer us in the right direction to reach the maximum potential of a systems engineering project. We are very interested in your needs and will always make sure that we are as flexible and adaptable as possible to be your trustworthy partner.

A Proksimax delivered solution includes:
These disciplines run parallel to ensure water-tight reliability and proper risk management of your new implemented system.
We will always be one call away for support. Feel free to contact us, we will love to be of service!